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Kirch, ITV Digital and the Football League, NTL, the Scottish Premier League, the aftermath of the ISL affair at Fifa. Quite apart from self-inflicted wounds at Fifa and also at Vivendi/Canal Plus

The impending takeover by French media group Vivendi Universal of the crippled Swiss sports agency ISL will provide an important counterbalance against the Kirch Group in the sale of football World Cup…

This week's Restrictive Practices Court ruling on the Premier League's television arrangements puts the UK at odds with much of the rest of Europe

The Italian competition authority last week threw the issue of the sale of soccer television rights into greater turmoil by launching an investigation into the collective selling of rights by the Lega…

England’s Premier League and European football’s governing body Uefa would have a hard job getting legal support to stop rebel clubs joining the proposed European super league.

The Association of Tennis Professionals has drawn up a controversial plan to take ownership of six or seven top tournaments and turn them into an elite series