In-Depth Property Features

What is an in-depth property feature?

The monthly in-depth features will use the data and intelligence we’ve gathered over 25+ years, including data-led insights and expert analysis from the SportBusiness Media team, and interviews with key executives at the rights-holder.

Each one will be timely, coinciding with major events, or a recent media rights deal – helping to unlock insights on broadcaster, agency, and rights holder activity across markets globally.

Each feature will come complete with bespoke graphics, rights fees, durations, audience data (where possible) and exclusive insight on the future of the property’s media rights strategy.

We have already covered the Indian Premier League, with the English Premier League, FIBA national-team properties, and the FIFA World Cup among the properties scheduled to be analysed in 2022.

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How can in-depth property features help me?

  • Learn from analysis of tenders, bids, and awarded rights for the property in markets around the world.
  • Unlock insights and spot opportunities to acquire rights and expand your partnerships, with analysis of all sides of a property’s deals.
  • Learn about the factors influencing the landscape of sports media, the opportunities they are bringing, and factors to consider to mitigate risk. ​
  • Accurately value rights and learn about previous cycles to review trends that you may need to consider in your sales and acquisition strategy.
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