RSN bidding grows more complicated with Moreno interest

The fate of the 22 Regional Sports Networks, owned by 21st Century Fox but slated for divestment as part of the Disney purchase of Fox assets continues to grow more complicated. Already it is assumed one of the RSNs, YES Network, will be sold separately due to the its value as as the broadcaster of the New York Yankees. Bidding and potential offers for a joint-package of the other 21 RSNs has been underway, but now a new development could see the packages split up further.

Fox Business reports that LA Angels owner Arte Moreno is interested in purchasing as many as four of the RSNs. While  Disney has tried to auction the RSNs off as one package on the advice of bankers, analysts have failed to agree on the actual value of the package and bidding may not meet the appraised asking price.

Disney’s preference would be not to sell the assets off piecemeal but might have little choice if a strong bid for the entire package does not emerge.

Moreno’s interest comes days after it was reported that Major League’s Baseball owners have given the go-ahead for MLB to pursue purchasing the RSNs. At least in theory Moreno, an MLB owner could be competing with the league for ownership of some of the RSNs.