Action sports channels launched on YouTube

Ride Channel, an online channel dedicated to skateboarding that was established by skateboarding star Tony Hawk, was one of four action sports channels launched on video-sharing website YouTube on Tuesday.

The other channels to launch were Alliance of Action Sports, which is owned by US network NBC; the Red Bull channel, operated by Red Bull Media House, an arm of drinks manufacturer Red Bull; and Network A, a collaboration between athlete agency Wasserman Media Group and the Bedrocket Media Ventures investment vehicle.

Hawk, who created Ride Channel through his own production company, 900 Films, said the channel would feature tour clips, tips on tricks and interviews with the leading players in the skateboarding industry.

The other three channels will feature skateboarding and other action sports including snowboarding, mountain biking and surfing.

“The great thing about the non-lineal format [that YouTube provides], is that you can customise your viewing experience to the things you care about,” Bedrocket chief executive Brian Bedol told ESPN following the launch of Network A. Bedol added that Network A would produce original programmes for its YouTube channel, as well as allowing users to submit their own action sports videos.