ARD sets ad prices for 2013 men’s Handball World Championship

German public service broadcasters ARD and ZDF will charge between €14,000 and €28,500 per 20-second spot for advertising during a quarter-final match featuring the German national team at the 2013 Handball World Championship in Spain in January 2013.

The cost of a 20-second sport during coverage of group stage matches will be between €12,800 and €27,900, depending on factors including the time of broadcast and at what point during the programme that the ad is broadcast.

The broadcasters will offer special 20-second advertising spots just before the second half of matches, which will cost between €19,600 and €24,800.

The broadcasters’ coverage will include live coverage of Germany’s group stage matches, against Brazil on January 12, against Argentina on January 15, and against reigning World Champions France on January 18.