ESPN’s ‘Sunday Night Baseball’ moved back an hour to help MLB players

ESPN’s nationally-televised Sunday night Major League Baseball games will be moved back an hour – from 8pm Eastern Time to 7pm – in large part to appease players and fans.

Many teams are forced to travel immediately after Sunday night contests, which cuts into sleep and players’ health. It also undermines the competitiveness of the travelling team, with the home side usually having more rest.

Tony Petitti, MLB deputy commissioner, business and media said: “ESPN has always been a collaborative broadcast partner and we’re appreciative of the opportunity to work together to explore changes that will benefit our game and fans.”

MLB also is nearing an announcement on broadcast coverage for its first games in Europe, between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees on June 29 and 30. According to AP Sports, Fox is likely to televise the Saturday game and ESPN the Sunday game at the London Stadium.