Facebook teams up with Gold Coast 2018

Social media company Facebook has signed on as an official supporter and content partner of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, which will be held in Gold Coast, Australia.

Facebook has been working with the Games’ organising committee to promote marketing campaigns, drive ticket sales and engage with the event’s workforce through the Facebook Workplace platform.

Ahead of the Games, which run from April 4-15, Facebook will launch a content series featuring Australian athletes. During the event, it will set up a customised Facebook Live studio on the Gold Coast to connect fans with athletes.

Peter Beattie, chairman of the Gold Coast organising committee, said: “Having Facebook Australia onboard means the broader Commonwealth Games community are more connected than ever before, with platforms like Facebook and Instagram stories allowing Aussies everywhere to feel close to our athletes and share their experiences.

“GC2018 is only the third Commonwealth Games to use social media and will very much be a digital Games.

“The Games Shapers including our 15,000 volunteers will collaborate via Facebook Workplace, and we’re excited to deliver video content to local and global audiences through the reach of Facebook Live.”