German Bundesliga doubts European club football revamp will boost rights revenue

Bundesliga International’s head of global audiovisual rights has poured cold water on suggestions planned reforms of European club football competitions would unlock €1.3bn in additional revenues.

“I have doubts that these plans, with their distinctive steps, would really grow out the business in such a way and would not deduct from our domestic league revenues,” Peter Leible told participants at the Sports Decision Makers Summit in London on Tuesday.

Uefa is considering proposals to restructure the Champions League as a semi-closed competition from 2024 onwards. The plans include promotion and relegation between the Champions League and the Europa League as well as between the Europa League and Uefa’s third-tier club competition – currently called Europa League 2 – which launches in the 2021-22 season.

The proposals also include holding European matches at the weekend and more matches during the week.

“These are certainly red lines for us,” Leible said.

European Club Association chairman Andrea Agnelli last month accused Europe’s top 5 leagues of ‘protectionism’ in opposing the plans and disputed suggestions that any reforms could damage the value of their media rights.