INF says broadcasters will benefit from netball rule changes

The International Netball Federation has announced an overhaul of its rules for the sport, with the global governing body stating that the changes will enhance the appeal of netball to broadcasters.

Under the changes, approved by the INF’s Rules Advisory Panel, umpires will no longer have to use their whistle to indicate a goal has been scored or if the ball has gone out of the court.

If a player calls injury time, they must now leave the court within 30 seconds and be substituted by another player unless the team’s primary carer indicates more time is needed. Teams currently have the option of a two-minute injury timeout in every quarter.

Umpires will also have a graded system available to manage poor discipline. Players can be given cautions and warnings before being suspended from the game or ordered off the court, depending on the offence.

In addition, the INF has changed rules regarding penalties, with teams no longer having to wait for an infringing player to stand down before taking a penalty pass.

“We believe that these new rule changes will make netball even more exciting and fast-paced for players and spectators alike, and will also further enhance the appeal to broadcasters who showcase our sport globally,” INF chief executive Clare Briegal said.

The new rules will come into effect in international matches from January 1, with member associations required to implement the changes in domestic games by September next year.