Island Sports Network to rebrand as Flow Sports in digitally-focused agreement

Caribbean pay-television broadcaster Flow Sports has entered into an agreement with Island Sports Network (iSN), the OTT streaming platform that offers coverage of sports events in the Caribbean and Latin America.

The agreement will lead to the rebranding of the iSN social media and online platforms as Flow Sports and the iSN team work with Flow Sports on their digital offerings.

Since launching in 2018, iSN has offered a platform to showcase mainly Caribbean sport, providing live high-definition streams of the Jamaican Premier League, the Concacaf Champions League, the Flow Caribbean Cup, the Jamaican second-tier KSAFA Super League and the Barbados Premier League.

It has also streamed Italian football’s Coppa Italia and the Canadian Elite Basketball League.

Contacted by SportBusiness, iSN declined to comment on whether its rights properties would now be transferred to Flow Sports or if the agreement represents a full takeover.

A one-month rolling subscription to iSN is currently priced at $3.99 (€3.52) per month.

Island Sports Networks said its “core mission was and is to provide a new platform where local athletes, leagues and fans can thrive and we truly believe we can continue this mission at a much larger scale by being a part of the Flow Sports team”.

Island Sports Network co-founders, Brandon Carvalho and Raymond Hussain, said: “Prepare yourself for a transformative way to enjoy your favourite Caribbean and global sports.

“Thank you for the ride and we will continue to work hard on developing the region’s talent and taking our sports to another level. We promise we will keep things Our Sports, Our Way.”