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ITTF engages partner for social media video content

The International Table Tennis Federation has signed an extended partnership with Tellyo after the social video production company helped the body expand its online reach during an initial trial.

Tellyo worked with the ITTF on a trial basis last month and the body reached over 3m fans and achieved 600,000 views of the video content the company created.

The two will now work to create and share video content on the ITTF’s social media channels from 80 tournaments this year, including the World Tour, World Championships and World Cup Series.

The ITTF will stream part of its matches live via social media platform Facebook, and show full games via its online streaming platform, itTV. Tellyo will also enable the governing body to create video clips featuring standout shots and rallies.

Matthew Pound, head of communications at the ITTF, said: “We have found Tellyo to be a great platform for providing short form content for our fans from our top events, in real-time. This has increased engagement dramatically. We are looking forward to working with Tellyo to explore new functionalities to further service our fans.”