MLS launches new flagship app which incorporates fantasy information

Major League Soccer is launching a new flagship app as the 2019 MLS campaign approaches.

The app will give MLS fans access to fantasy information in addition to tickets, power rankings merchandise and highlights.

Technology news website Engadget reports that MLS’ main focus with app is enhancing fan engagement with highlights and other interactive features.

In addition, MLS  in conjunction with Twitter unveiled a league-wide set of team-oriented hashtags which also includes team-branded scarves being used as incentive for fans to use the hashtags. MLS and Twitter also released a new set of emojis for use during the 2019 MLS Season.

The scarves add another layer to the Twitter interaction, MLS’ director of social media, Melissa Marchionna, told Front Office Sports

“We’re always trying to do something different,” Marchionna said. “We saw a lot of great content from fellow leagues and businesses and we just wanted to take it up a notch.

“We’re really excited about the scarves, which add something tangible and reflective of the soccer experience. They’re such a dynamic piece of the stadium experience.”