Mola TV partners with Matrix TV & MIX network for EPL coverage in Indonesia

Indonesian pay-television operator Mola TV has partnered with Matrix TV and the MIX Network for a new service called Mola Matrix. This is to expand their coverage of the English Premier League by reaching out to satellite dish users.

Mola TV positions itself as a quality “sports and entertainment” offering, and signed its first major sports-rights deal with the Premier League for three seasons from 2019-20 to 2021-22, covering Indonesia and Timor Leste.

Matrix TV is part of the Matrix Group that engages in media and terrestrial broadcasting services, while MIX Network are providers of content and media platform services for commercial businesses.

The Mola Matrix service will present four main channels of Mola TV, namely Mola Sports 1 that will broadcast six matches of the Premier League each week, Mola Sports 2 which has various sports, Mola Film and Mola Kids.

In a press conference in Jakarta last week Mola TV chief of distribution and broadcast Ayi Farid Wajdi said this deal would last for three years, and Mola TV is open to work with any other broadcasters on further deals for the Premier League.

“We are optimistic that co-operation in building Mola Matrix services will be mutually beneficial and certainly in line with the plan to develop Mola TV in Indonesia,” Ayi said, according to Kompas.com.

He also stressed that Mola TV could only broadcast the Premier League in Indonesia, and reminded broadcasters about copyright laws, and to prevent illegal streams from reaching the marketplace.

“We will make sure that the implementation for venues and commercial businesses will be in accordance with applicable regulations. We have prepared various incentives for venues that register officially for Mola Matrix,” said Bobby Christoffer, chief operating officer for MIX, according to Jpnn.com.