More deals in the Balkans for Uefa Champions League and Europa League

Uefa, European football’s governing body, agreed a number of deals in the Balkans, to add to the three-year deals it announced last month, for the Champions League and Europa League from 2012-13 to 2014-15.

Croatian public-service broadcaster HRT was awarded live rights to the first-pick Wednesday night Champions League match. HRT will also show a weekly highlights programme. Telco T-Hrvatski Telecom acquired all other rights to the competition in last month.

In Macedonia, public-service broadcaster Macedonian Radio and Television acquired live rights to both the first-pick Wednesday night Champions League match, and the first-pick Europa League match each match week. Coverage, which also includes weekly highlights programmes for both competitions, will be shown on MTV1 and MTV2. Macedonian Radio and Television replaces incumbent rights-holder Kanal 5. Pay-television broadcaster Makedonski Telekom agreed a deal for all other rights last month.

Commercial broadcaster OBN-TV ousted public-service broadcaster BHRT as the free-to-air rights-holder for the Champions League in Bosnia and Herzegovina, acquiring rights to the first-pick Wednesday night match.

Uefa is yet to award the remaining Champions League package and the Europa League rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A deal for the rights in Croatia to the Europa League is also yet to be agreed.

The Team Marketing agency brokered the deals.