Motorvision strengthens European presence

Pay-television channel Motorvision TV has broadened its footprint in Europe by agreeing a spate of distribution deals in 14 countries.

The Digital Fernsehen website reports that Motorvision TV will be provided in Denmark, Norway and Sweden for the first time through an agreement with Norwegian telco Telenor.

Telenor will also carry Motorvision TV in Finland, where cable operator Sappa and telco Elisa provide the channel, while cable and IPTV network operator YouSee will also provide coverage in Denmark.

Telco Euskaltel will make the channel available for the first time in Spain, with Gibtelecom and its Sofi TV service carrying the platform in Gibraltar.

The Motorvision Group has also reached a new agreement with pay-television broadcaster Teleclub to bring its French-language programming feed into French-speaking Switzerland for the first time.

Motorvision has completed its first distribution deal in Belgium with telco Proximus, while telco Liwest is another new partner in Austria.

In the Netherlands, Motorvision is expanding its reach with a new contract with telco Breedband Helmond and it is also expanding its presence in the Balkans.

Telco the United Group will provide the channel in Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.