SCM secures Champions League media rights in Indonesia

A new partnership formed by Indonesian media group Surya Citra Media, satellite direct-to-home TV provider Nex Parabola and satellite operator SES will live-broadcast Uefa Champions League and Europa League matches in HD across Indonesia.

SCM has secured the exclusive broadcast rights for the 2019/20 football seasons of the Uefa Champions League and Europa League, which will be delivered to Nex Parabola customers via the SES-9 satellite.

The Team Marketing agency had been looking for a broadcast deal in Indonesia for the remaining two seasons of the current cycle (2018-19 to 2020-21) after a collapsed agreement with the agency Futbal Momentum Asia.

Champions League and Europa League games were aired last season on Futbal Momentum Asia’s pay-television and OTT sports channels, branded Total Sports Blast.

Junus Koswara, president-director of Nexmedia, an Indonesian technology, telecommunication and media conglomerate headquartered in Jakarta, said: “Having recently secured the exclusive broadcast rights for the UEFA Champions League and Europa League for Indonesia, we want to bring the best European football entertainment to as many fans as possible through our subsidiary Nex Parabola and satellite partner SES.”

“With SES-9, we are able to maximise our reach and deliver an unparalleled viewing experience in premium HD format to audiences across the country, whether they are watching us on their home TVs or at the neighbourhood cafe.”

Yew Weng Soo, the vice-president for sales and market development, Asia Pacific of SES said: “Our partnership with Nex Parabola is testament to our satellite fleet’s capabilities of delivering prime international content to viewers around the globe in the best quality possible, wherever they are.”

“We are pleased to help Nex Parabola expand their audience reach using satellite in the most cost-effective manner, and remain committed to delivering satellite services for broadcasters, content providers and companies across the country.”