Perform extends Serie A deal

Digital media specialists Perform Group have extended their deal to distribute online free-to-view highlights and news clips covering Italy’s top football league, Lega Serie A, for a further three years, from 2012-13 to 2014-15.

Perform will continue distribute the content via its video-on-demand player, the ePlayer, that is embedded on the websites of major Italian newspapers.

In a new feature of the deal, Perform will assist the league in running its official channel on video-sharing website YouTube. The channel will carry the highlights and news clip content, and also clips featuring the best goals and action from league matches.

The deal was agreed between Perform and the league.

Maurizio Beretta, the president of Lega Serie A, said: “Italian football fans are spending more time consuming content online and this partnership ensures that fans can catch up with all the best match action and news on the official Lega Serie A channel.”