Portuguese Football Federation signs content and sponsorship deal with Sport TV

The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) has agreed a two-year media content and sponsorship deal with Portuguese pay-television broadcaster Sport TV.

The broadcaster will become the Portuguese national team’s principal sponsor and will share content with the FPF’s recently launched Channel 11 to maximise exposure to the national team’s content across all ages and genders.

A similar content tie-up was agreed with Portuguese public-service broadcaster RTP earlier this year.

Sport TV holds broadcast rights to Portugal’s qualifying matches to major competitions and also the 2020 European Championships finals themselves.

The FPF launched Channel 11 earlier this year with the intention of being home to Portuguese national team content, covering the men’s and women’s teams, as well as futsal and beach football sides.

It was announced that it would be available on pay-television platform Meo and telecoms operators NOS and Vodafone, as well as online via channel11.pt.

At the time of its launch, FPF president Fernando Gomes stated that Channel 11 was not established as a “competitive” channel.