RTE to consider sublicensing sports rights

Irish public-service broadcaster RTÉ is considering sublicensing on sports rights next year in an effort to generate additional income, according to the Irish Times newspaper.

RTÉ is expected to hold talks with a number of broadcasters in Ireland, including commercial broadcaster TV3, over the possibility of sharing rights to various major sports events.

RTÉ has rights in the country to a host of events next year, including the Uefa European Championships national team football tournament and the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Pat Kiely, commercial director for TV3, said the broadcaster will offer to “take on any rights RTÉ would make available under sublicensing arrangements.”

He added: “We would imagine everything is crying for a piece of the budget. It clearly would be a burden for RTÉ to do it all, and they are going to be under pressure to pay for everything. They’re going to have a very tough year.”

TV3 is also said to be interested in bidding for sports rights in partnership with RTÉ in the future.