SE takes on Boxer to bolster Danish market position

Energy group SE has strengthened its position in the Danish media market by acquiring digital terrestrial pay-television operator Boxer from Swedish terrestrial broadcast transmission service company Teracom.

SE already owns Denmark’s second largest cable-television company Stofa and the deal is set to add Boxer’s 280,000 Danish households to Stofa’s 380,000.

The agreement, which is subject to regulatory approval, is expected to close next year with Swedish cable-television operator Com Hem having completed its acquisition of Boxer’s operation in Sweden back in October.

Niels Duedahl, managing director of SE, said: “The TV market in Denmark is undergoing significant change, and competition is intense for all market players. With the acquisition of Boxer TV we will be even stronger in the competition.

“We are two companies based on a common ambition, which is to be frontrunners for a freer TV choice. But we also share the ambition to reach across Denmark – also in sparsely populated areas. This common direction binds us together, and is one both Stofa and Boxer TV wil continue to work for.”