Sina Weibo streaming services blocked

Three Chinese online companies, including Sina Weibo, have been ordered by the country’s regulators to stop streaming audio and video services.

Sina Weibo has partnerships with several major sports properties, including the North American NBA basketball and NFL American football leagues. Earlier this month the company struck a strategic partnership with the International Table Tennis Federation.

The two other services that have been blocked from offering streaming are iFeng and ACFUN, which are operated by Phoenix Television.

According to Variety, the platforms have been accused of providing platforms for political views that clash with China’s political leaders.

The State Administration for Press Publication Radio Film and Television has implemented the ban after saying that the three platforms had carried “rule-breaking” content.

Sina Weibo said in a stock market filing: “The company is communicating with the relevant government authorities to understand the scope of the notice. It intends to fully cooperate with the relevant authorities. The company will also evaluate the impact of this notice on its operations and its administrative options.”