Tenfield keen on rights extension, claims AUF president

Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) president Wilmar Valdez has said the Tenfield agency is keen to extend its rights deal for domestic football in the country.

Tenfield’s contract with the AUF is currently scheduled to run until December 2025, but Valdez said that he has discussed a renewal with the agency’s owner, businessman Paco Casal.

“Casal arranged a meeting with me and during the conversation he expressed the desire to renew the bond,” Valdez said, according to Brazilian sports newspaper Lance

“I thanked him for the interest, asked him to formalise the proposal and after that I will set up a meeting with the clubs to discuss what is best for our football.”

Valdez’s comments come after Tenfield in December said it was prepared to discuss a termination of its rights partnership with the AUF after rival agency Euromericas Sports Marketing made a “unique and unrepeatable” offer for the rights to domestic football in the country.

Euromericas presented the AUF with an offer worth a basic $68m (€57.1m) per year over a five-year term, with the option for an automatic renewal on revised terms after that.

Valdez did not discuss the potential value of an extended contract with Tenfield, but admitted that the AUF would have to give up further commercial rights in order to gain more revenue.

He added: “The value of the contract is something basic to solve. If we want more money, we need to give up some things on the business side for the company to have a financial return.”