Tenfield prepared to step aside as Uruguayan FA receives lucrative rights offer

Tenfield has said it is prepared to discuss a termination of its rights partnership with the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) after rival agency Euromericas Sports Marketing made a “unique and unrepeatable” offer for the rights to domestic football in the country.

Tenfield’s contract with the AUF is currently scheduled to run until 2025, but it said in a statement that the offer from Euromericas is “very beneficial for Uruguayan football clubs, institutions and players.”

Euromericas has presented the AUF with an offer worth a basic $68m (€63.4m) per year over a five-year term, with the option for an automatic renewal on revised terms after that.

Tenfield said it has informed the AUF of the importance of “not missing this opportunity”, adding it is open to commence managing the terms of its termination of obligations regarding to broadcast of domestic football.