TV2 makes long-term commitment to Telialigaen

Norwegian free-to-air broadcaster TV2 has agreed a four-season extension to its rights deal for the Telialigaen, the country’s national esports league.

In addition to live broadcasts of the entire playoffs and finals twice a year, TV2 will launch a ‘Match of the Week’ offering for Counter-Strike: GO events. This will be broadcast on Mondays, both on a linear basis and via streaming service TV2 Sumo.

TV2 acquired the rights to broadcast the latter stages of a number of Telialigaen events back in November. Commenting on the new deal struck with the league’s operator, Good Game, TV2 sports editor, Vegard Jansen Hagen, said: “The Telialigaen is the dominant player within the national esports environment in Norway, and has reached a sporting level that makes it attractive for us to invest in this in the long term.

“Hopefully we can help to develop Norwegian players and profiles that engage and perform at an international level.”

Erling Rostvåg, chief executive of Good Game, added: “TV2’s commitment to esports is inspiring for the entire industry, and a good opportunity to make visible Norwegian teams and players. TV2 has built up a strong internal esports team, with a lot of good expertise. We look forward to working closely together in the future.”