Uefa and CAA Eleven complete raft of late deals

Uefa and its sales agent, CAA Eleven, have finalised multiple deals for national-team media rights around the world with the Nations League to begin this evening (September 6), TV Sports Markets understands.

In Europe, deals have been struck in Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland and San Marino. In Asia, deals have been agreed in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar and Vietnam. All deals are for the full four-season cycle, from 2018-19 to 2021-22.

In Armenia, public-service broadcaster Public TV Company of Armenia will show all matches of the Armenia national team (first- and second-party) while free-to-air broadcaster Shant TV has acquired rights to all other matches (third-party).

In Bulgaria, public-service broadcaster BNT will show all Uefa national-team matches (first-, second- and third-party matches).

Cypriot public-service broadcaster CyBC will show all matches of the Cyprus national team (first- and second-party) while telco Cyta will broadcast all other matches (third-party matches). Both deals were reported by TV Sports Markets in July.

In Ireland, pay-television broadcaster Sky will exclusively show matches of the Ireland national team (first- and second-party) in the Nations League – Irish public-service broadcaster RTÉ had already struck a deal for Ireland European Qualifier matches (first- and second-party). Telco Virgin Media has acquired all third-party matches in Ireland.

In San Marino, public-service broadcaster San Marino RTV has acquired highlights rights to San Marino home matches (first-party) and live rights to away matches (second-party).

Across Asia, deals have been struck for rights to all matches from European Qualifiers, the Nations League and other friendly matches. Rights have been acquired by: pay-television broadcaster i-Cable in Hong Kong; pay-television broadcaster Astro in Malaysia – TV Sports Markets reported this was likely in December; commercial broadcaster NTV in Mongolia; pay-television broadcaster SkyNet in Myanmar; and Vietnamese pay-television broadcaster VTVcab.

Sony Pictures Networks India has also acquired all rights across the Indian subcontinent, as well as rights to the Euro 2020 tournament.