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Any move by Spanish football’s governing body, the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF), to intervene in the Mediapro agency’s rights deal with the top division of the country’s women’s league would be counter to Spain’s competition laws, local legal experts have told SportBusiness Media.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has been given a €1.5m ($1.7

The battle over rights to Spanish women’s club football has intensified, with the Mediapro agency stating it will take “all necessary legal action” after it was prevented from broadcasting yesterday’s (Sunday…

A Spanish court has ruled that the country's women’s football clubs are the owners of their individual broadcast rights, with the implication that a deal signed earlier this year by the Mediapro agency f…

The Mediapro agency has extended a rights deal for the Primera División de la Liga de Fútbol Femenino, the top division of women’s football in Spain.