Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP)


Spain’s LaLiga has leapfrogged Italy’s Serie A in media rights income to become Europe’s second most valuable league following deals agreed in recent weeks.

Spanish football’s ongoing rights shake-up continued during a fortnight in which collective selling was brought forward by the league and Mediapro was appointed its international marketing partner.

The Royal Decree that paves the way for the collective selling of Spanish Liga media rights generated fallout – a week of strike threats, insults and posturing by all sides – which diverted attention from what remains a momentous change in Spanish football.

Spanish club Barcelona said this week that the planned return to collective selling would help La Liga to eventually match or exceed the media-rights income of Italy’s Serie A, but that it would require the country’s pay-television industry to be much stronger.

The Spanish football league outlined plans to launch its own channel in 2016 at a panel discussion chaired by TV Sports Markets this month at Sportel in Monaco.

The LFP believes the outcome of last week’s auction for the media rights to Ligue 1 was a moderate success, and that it could not have done much better given market conditions

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