SportsBusiness Global Media Report

What is the Global Media Report?

Every year, the SportBusiness Media team delivers the Global Media Report: a PDF document full of unmatchable data from and analyses of the most important sports, properties and markets in the world of media rights trading.


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What's in it?

The Global Media Report is split into five parts:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Most Valuable Sports
  3. Most Valuable Properties
  4. Most Valuable Markets
  5. The Year Ahead

The executive summary gives you – in text and infographics – an overview of the report and its data.

Most Valuable Sports

Section 2 of the Global Media Report lists the top 10 most valuable sports by media-rights value and dives into each one to show how values are trending and explain why.

Most Valuable Properties

Section 3 of the Global Media Report breaks down the top 10 most valuable individual properties by global media-rights value, then examines their constituent deals.

Most Valuable Markets

Section 4 of the Global Media Report breaks down the top 10 most valuable markets for media rights, shows their growth trends and explains the context for their size and growth (or contraction).

The Year Ahead

In section 5, our analysts look ahead to suggest the trends, sales and events you should be on the look out for in the coming year.


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