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Australian commercial broadcaster Seven is paying a high price in its deal for the Olympic Games of 2016, 2018 and 2020, local media-rights experts say, but the broadcaster will view the deal as a good investment for a number of reasons.

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The International Olympic Committee and the Japan Consortium of broadcasters, which this month acquired exclusive Japanese rights to the Olympic Games from 2018 to 2024, are both likely to be happy with the deal, local experts say.

The acquisition last week by Hong Kong broadcaster TVB of the rights to the 2016 Olympic Games underlines the determination of the broadcaster to protect its dominant position in free-to-air television while making inroads into the pay-television market.


The International Olympic Committee has robustly defended last week’s long-term deal with US media group NBCUniversal on the three key areas in which it has come under scrutiny.

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Interview with Timo Lumme, the IOC’s managing director of television and marketing, about its new deal with NBCUniversal.

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Glasgow Commonwealth Games on track to hit commercial revenue targets

If there is a common thread running through our stories this issue it is change. It is a process that all sports go through, usually to secure increased media exposure and revenue, and occasionally due to power struggles about how that revenue is divided.