SportBusiness Sponsorship

Welcome to SportBusiness Sponsorship

Learn how to use and make the most of the SportBusiness Sponsorship platform’s deal insights, with these tutorial videos. Each explains a different feature of the service, such as where to find the editorial product features – such as news and analysis articles – and how to use the data product features – such as the Deals Tracker database.

The deals tracker database features over 30,000 deals that keep you on top of what right holders and brands are doing.

SportBusiness Sponsorships’s editorial coverage and reporting provides expert analysis and easy access to hard-to-find deal data strategies. Use this to benchmark sports deal values, learn about innovative sales strategies, and understand markets based on distinctions between industries, properties and sports.

The platform also helps you recognise trends in deal values, track their evolution over time and monitor your competitors. All of which enables you to negotiate rights fees with confidence.

Below you will find the following video tutorials at your disposal:


Tutorial One: An extended overview of the SportBusiness Sponsorship product and the features

Tutorial Two: Filtered Search