OTT MyCujoo seals multi-year deal with Conifa

Football streaming platform MyCujoo has agreed a multi-year partnership with the Confederation of Independent Football Associations to broadcast its events.

The agreement will run through 2020 and comes after MyCujoo streamed a number of matches at the 2018 Conifa World Football Cup, which was held in London.

The deal, which is based on a shared revenue agreement, includes exclusive digital media rights to stream competitions (except in the host nation) and competition data rights.

The first tournament MyCujoo will broadcast in full is the 2019 European Football Cup, which runs from June 1-9 in Artsakh, the Armenian-populated region of Nagorno Karabakh that declared its independence from Azerbaijan unilaterally in 1991.

The deal will also take in the 2020 World Football Cup to be held in Somaliland, and the inaugural Women’s World Football Cup.

Conifa is the international governing body for football associations for states, minorities, stateless peoples and regions unaffiliated with Fifa.

The deal comes after MyCujoo agreed partnerships in the past month with the National Premier Soccer League and Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).