Peruvian Football Federation warns clubs over individual TV rights deals

The Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) has issued a warning to clubs in the top-tier Liga 1 over the sale of broadcast rights to their matches.

The FPF issued a statement after it emerged that Friday’s clash between Deportivo Llacuabamba and UTC would be broadcast on Movistar’s Gol Peru, the pay-television channel.

Broadcast rights to Llacuabamba’s home matches sit outside Gol’s existing rights agreement that covers the majority of the 20 top-tier clubs.

In a statement, the FPF said that it has the “exclusive power to negotiate and assign all rights arising from the competitions it organisers”.

The FPF added: “However, as an exception, the FPF could authorise a club to assign such rights, provided that the FPF is fully aware of the scope of the negotiations.”

The federation gave the examples of Llacuabamba, Atletico Grau, Alianza Universidad and Carlos Stein as clubs who can negotiate their own individual broadcast deals so long as they inform the FPF.

In a nod to Gol’s existing agreement, the national association stated: “It is important to note that the FPF is respectful of any agreement or contract entered into by the clubs in relation to the television broadcast rights that have been signed, registered and communicated to the FPF prior to October 14, 2019, the date on which the aforementioned FPF statues were approved in force.”

The Peruvian top flight expanded to 18 teams (from 16) in 2019 and again to 20 teams this year. The league was previously known as the Copa Movistar as part of an agreement with Movistar TV, but was restructured by the national federation.