Premier Lacrosse League players enjoy social media uplift thanks to content-sharing strategy

The Premier Lacrosse League has been able to significantly increase its social-media engagement by sharing its content with its players and key influencers in real time.

PLL digital staff use software platforms such as PhotoShelter and Greenfly to create galleries, from which its players are encouraged to post photos and videos on their social-media channels immediately after games finish.

As a result, PLL players have enjoyed a 15 per cent increase in social media followers and a 45 per cent increase in engagement since the league began on June 1.

“For us it’s critical to bring content to our players for them to create content and we wanted to make it easy for them to do so,” Tyler Steinhardt, the PLL head of content, told SportBusiness at the Hashtag Sports conference in New York.

“We really push the players hard [to post the content] but they recognize that it’s great for their own personal brands too. It’s a concerted effort by the league to get more folks to know about what we’re doing by arming our players with content.”

The PLL also gives some influencers access to these folders to expand its reach. “We we find folks who are smart and creative and we want to arm them with the photos and videos that we’re creating. For us building a healthy ecosystem in the sport of lacrosse is really critical,” Steinhardt added.

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