Big3 basketball league moves to CBS Sports

Ice Cube’s Big3 basketball league has secured a broadcast deal with CBS Sports following the end of a two-year contract with Fox Sports. The length of the deal and financial terms were not revealed.

The three-on-three, half-court competition involving former NBA players will air on both CBS and CBS Sports Network, beginning on Saturday, June 22. CBS Sports Network will also air the Big 3 Draft live on Wednesday, May 1.

“Since day one, Big3 has always been about hard-nosed, fierce competition. Now we’re ramping it up with more teams, younger players, and a shiny new TV deal with CBS Sports,” said Ice Cube. “Our first two years were about showing that our vision was credible. This year is about taking the game to a whole new level. This is a big deal.”

Big3 is growing from eight to 12 teams, will widen its tour from 10 to 18 cities and has lowered the age threshold to 27 from 30 to allow more players into the league.