GolfTV debuts new 12-part Tiger Woods series

A new 12-part series starring Tiger Woods has launched on GolfTV, the OTT streaming service owned by US media company Discovery.

The series will offer fans a glimpse into the mind of Woods, providing a close-up look at how his game has evolved over the years.

Last November, Woods entered into a multi-year agreement with Discovery and the PGA Tour to create ancillary content for GolfTV. After signing the partnership, Woods went on to cap his return from injury with a famous win at The Masters in April – his first victory at a major in 11 years and his 15th overall.

The new series, entitled ‘My Game: Tiger Woods – Inside the Mind of a Champion’, will be available on GolfTV internationally and through Golf Digest Schools in the US.

The series will feature insights into how Woods manages his game, his pre-round mental preparation, putting practice and the formative influences in his career. Woods also shares how his approach to practice has changed over time as injury management and family life took preference.

Ten-minute episodes of the series will be released on a weekly basis, with Woods to provide insights and tips for success on the key elements of golf. The series is presented by ePlus Technology, a consultative technology solutions provider.

Discovery launched GolfTV in January 2019 as part of a 12-year strategic alliance with the PGA Tour.