New sports channel launches in Philippines

Filipino commercial broadcaster ABS-CBN has replaced free-to-air youth lifestyle channel Studio 23 with a new sports channel.

ABS-CBN Sports+Action Channel will show national and international sporting events.

The head of ABS-CBN, Antonio Ventosa, said that the channel would continue to show sports that were previously broadcast on Studio 23, such as university basketball and volleyball competitions, boxing and games featuring the Philippines Azkals, the country’s top football club.

Ventosa said that there would be “special coverage” of North American basketball league the NBA as well as the Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts series.

He added that 70 per cent of the channels output would be dedicated to sport, while 20 per cent would be given to action films. The remaining 10 per cent would be news programmes.

“Sports fans tend to be very loyal. They watch the games regularly and fans prefer to watch the games live, as much as possible,” Ventosa said.