Report reveals coverage increase for World Rallycross

Organisers of the World Rallycross Championship have said that the 2014 edition of the motor-racing series generated 444 per cent more television coverage than the previous year.

Television stations around the world broadcast a total of 3,982 hours of coverage through the 2014 season.

Dedicated coverage for the series, which spans live, as-live and highlights coverage, was also up by 550 per cent on the previous year.

The World Rallycross of Sweden attracted the largest global audience with 3.3 million viewers tuning in to watch the event on television. The 12 World Rallycross events in Europe attracted a total audience of 11.4 million viewers.

The FIA also noted an increase in the series’ reach on social media, which grew from 430,000 in the previous year to 6.7 million during the 2014 season. In addition, live event attendance was up by 130 per cent on the 2013 season.