Vodafone considers bid for Bundesliga rights

The Vodafone Germany telco is considering a bid for German Bundesliga football rights as part of the expansion of its IPTV television service.

Vodafone TV’s director of home access and video, Dhananjay Mirchandani, said the company would “seriously consider” bidding for the rights in an attempt to drive subscriber numbers. Mirchandani, who told the HorizonT website that he was aware of demand for Bundesliga content from Vodafone TV customers, added that acquiring rights in a sub-licensing deal was another option.

The Deutsche Fussball Liga, the German football league, is expected to confirm details of the new tender for Bundesliga rights from the 2013-14 season later this month.

Vodafone TV had 100,000 subscribers at the end of 2011. Mirchandani said it would be a profitable venture in the “foreseeable” future.