Eir (Ireland)

Irish telecoms operator Eir is to wind up its sports channels later this year after the disruption caused to various events by the Covid-19 pandemic

Irish telecoms operator Eir has said it will not be taking part in the latest rounds of sports rights auctions as it reconsiders its business model amid ongoing difficulties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic

Eir has removed its sports channels from the platforms of Virgin Media in an escalation of the dispute between the Irish telecoms operators

Irish telcos eir and Virgin Media have agreed a deal to carry their key sports channels on each other’s television platforms.

Pay-television broadcaster Sky will carry the BT Sport and Premier Sport channels on its Irish platform from August 1, taking over from telco Eir

Pay-television broadcaster Sky has struck an exclusive carriage deal with Premier Sports in Ireland, allowing the former to show every English Premier League game slated for live broadcast from next season

The Premier League’s 20 clubs are unconcerned about the small drop in the value of their domestic live rights in the next cycle, following deals this month with BT and Amazon that brought the protracted sales process to a close.

Strong competition in Ireland has helped Uefa seal a big increase for its club competition rights, as commercial broadcaster TV3 fell just short in its attempt to acquire all the rights on offer.

The Pro14 cross-border rugby union league will almost double the value of its UK and Ireland media rights once it completes its remaining deals for 2018-19 onward.

Ireland’s Gaelic Athletic Association has enjoyed steady growth in commercial revenues over the last five years and is set to do so until mid-2022.

Strong competition drove up the value of rights to the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Ireland this week, despite a much worse time zone than in 2015.

Irish pay-television broadcaster Setanta is thought to be paying less in its deal, agreed last week, for the Uefa Champions League than it does in the current cycle. Overall, however, Uefa has finished with an increase on the current cycle in Ireland thanks to increases in the value of the free-to-air rights.

Irish broadcasters TV3 and Setanta issue complaint against ITV