Amazon’s NFL viewing figures on the rise

Internet company Amazon has revealed that viewing figures for its coverage of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games have increased by 22 per cent this season.

Variety reported that the first seven TNF games shown via Amazon and streaming service Twitch – which is owned by Amazon – have drawn a combined 14.7 million views in over 200 countries and territories. This does not take into account yesterday’s (Thursday’s) clash between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.

In addition, the average minute audience watching NFL games on Amazon and Twitch for 30 seconds or more has risen by 36 per cent to 455,000. Amazon started streaming NFL games last season and has already agreed a deal for next year.

Overall television ratings for the NFL are up three per cent this season, according to data measurement company Nielsen. This follows an initial drop during the first three weeks of the season.

Variety’s report added that the TV audience in the US for TNF games has dropped by around seven per cent year-on-year for game weeks 4-10.