CBS plans to live stream Super Bowl adverts

US network CBS is planning to become the first broadcaster in the country to live stream all adverts during the 2016 Super Bowl, the championship game of the NFL American football league.

During previous editions of the Super Bowl, advertisers were given the option of paying to have their adverts live streamed as well as broadcast on television.

However, the website said that CBS will no longer allow advertisers to opt out of live streaming and will be forced to pay for both services if they wish to advertise during the game.

A CBS spokesperson told the website that while streaming and television adverts are being sold together, they will not come as a package and there will be a separate cost for each.

Advertisers paid approximately $4.5m (€4.1m) for a 30-second spot during the 2015 Super Bowl.

US media company NBCUniversal said that during its broadcast of the 2015 Super Bowl, only 18 of 70 advertisers paid to also stream their adverts online. The live stream of the game attracted an average of 800,000 viewers per minute.